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Retirement Planning

Achieving Retirement Sufficiency

Most Americans work for small employers with under 500 employees. But many small employers, due to cost pressures, have dropped their 401(k) retirement plans, which make them less competitive in hiring.

For those employees covered, the median 401(k) balance sits at only $26,000. While numbers vary widely by age, gender, and income, Americans simply aren’t saving enough for retirement. Still, we live longer today, and experts claim we’ll need roughly 17 years’ worth of retirement income post-65.

Even for highly compensated employees or owners, retirement sufficiency is not guaranteed without the ability to accumulate savings outside of limited qualified plans. It’s such a critical issue that many of the employers surveyed by Willis Towers Watson claim they “plan to shift resources to financial wellness and retirement readiness over the next couple of years.”

SKA Employer Solutions examines the entire benefits profile in search of equitable solutions for both rank and file employees, senior executives, and owners. That analyses may involve an ESOP, an executive benefit strategy or an altogether fresh approach to retirement planning. Our team stands ready to assist with these important initiatives.

Let’s take a moment to review ESOPS, qualified and non-qualified plans and executive compensation.

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