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Thirty years of declining interest rates have taken returns hostage in this stubborn low-yield environment.

Conservative investors, business owners and high-net-worth (HNW) individuals face a nagging challenge. No longer able to improve returns or reduce risks to the fixed-income portion of their investment portfolios, where do you go for some modicum of growth?

Life Insurance - The Alternative Asset Class

For many decades, SKA Financial Services (SKA/FS) has put into place inventive strategies using life insurance as an alternative asset class.
And to the great benefit of our clientele.

Because of our micro-due diligence, we see what others overlook

Even financially intelligent investors tend to think narrowly about stocks, bonds, real estate or cash as the only assets to grow their wealth, their retirement, their legacies. But we make sure you see beyond the obvious.

Our Tandem Financial Strategysm - More Insurance Without Added Cost

We offer our clients a proprietary structure that accumulates assets commensurate with the unique financials profiles of ultra- and high-net-worth individuals.

Called Tandem Financial Strategy (TFS), it was created and patented by industry expert and pathfinder Josh Gottlieb of The Gottlieb Organization. This exclusive offering is possible based on our longstanding partnership with the Gottlieb Organization.

Using a levered design of life insurance policies and select carriers, TFS encapsulates a simple principle: over an extended period, long-term rates will be greater than short-term rates. As a result, our clients purchase the right amount of life insurance to reflect their want and need, rather than only what they’re willing to pay for. You get far more for what you’re already spending.

Financial value derives not only from the life insurance benefit but from the fact that TFS helps clients to realize significant income over a lifetime, based on your decision and timing.

As you invest multiples of capital, you leverage the compelling nature of the risk-adjusted returns.

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With our go-the-extra-mile strategies, you can also:

  • Purchase all the life insurance you need instead of only what you can pay for
  • Realize significant income levels during your lifetime
  • Transform life insurance into lifelong, hard-working assets

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Life insurance as an alternative asset class in a diversified portfolio offers attractive and long-term benefits:

  • Gain expandable asset protection
  • Realize guaranteed value and predictable costs
  • Apply flexibility to build, preserve and distribute wealth
  • Generate cash as a tax-free future death benefit
  • Create a stream of supplemental tax-free income
  • Transfer risk to insurer; gain real-time value in face of untimely death

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