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Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation Plans

The sensitivity of executive compensation has gained greater exposure in light of the national debate on income inequality; that is, the disparity between executive pay and average workers.

While merits to both sides, this sensitivity has caused more employers to pay closer attention to pay scales for different employee populations. Research tells us concerns persist over executive attrition. Competition for talent at all levels has grown fiercer. With compensation at the center as a lightning rod.

Guided by compensation best practices, SKA Employer Solutions works with employers or compensation committees to align executive pay with shareholders’ interests. All with a focus on driving long-term performance.

Among our services:

  • Review of current plans
  • Establish compensation principles
  • Benchmark to national studies
  • Set up plan documentation and disclosure requirements
  • Design a “total rewards” approach with incentives and executive benefits
  • Select and adjust performance measurements
  • Assist with employment contracts and documentation
  • Well-devised executive compensation packages prove their value by driving organizational goals and objectives.

Enhance executive/employee performance
with a comprehensive compensation plan.